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At Shoreline Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on both great customer service plus great additional services! That’s why we also provide service for heat pump pool heaters, custom air filters delivered directly to your door, air purification systems, and ice machine maintenance and repairs.

Pool heaters

Pool Heaters Heat pump pool heaters are just like an air conditioner, except that it is running in reverse and removing the cold instead of the heat. Just like an air conditioning system, your pool heater needs regular service. We are fortunate in Florida to utilize our pools almost year round which means our pool heaters don’t get enough use. We want to ensure when you need it to run, it’s ready!

Air filters

Air Filters Are you having trouble locating your air filter size at the big box stores? Call Shoreline Air Conditioning and we will have them MADE AND SHIPPED directly to your front door! Did you know your air filter is a critical item in your air conditioning system? Operating your air conditioner with the incorrect filter size can put unneeded strain on your air conditioner over time. With the wrong size filter, you are inadvertently allowing dust, dirt, and other contaminates to get direct access to your coil. This may cause your coil to become dirty, slowing your air flow and inevitably causing your system to run inefficiently.

Air purification

Air Purification Are members of your family always having running noses, itchy eyes, asthma, or allergies? Then you may want to consider installing an air purification system or an ultraviolet light. This simple measure will help reduce the allergens in your home.

Ice Machines

Ice Machines Do you or your business have a stand-alone ice machine? Shoreline Air Conditioning can handle that as well. Ice machines need regular service and cleaning. Without regular service and cleaning, your ice machine can become a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria growth. We can service your ice machine the same time as your air conditioner. Shoreline will change the water filter to ensure clean water and proper flow to the machine. Also, we will clean and sanitize all areas needed to remove scale and algae build up.

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